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Can everyone be hypnotised?

The answer is yes everyone can be hypnotised, although children under 5 do not have the attention span or understanding to be hypnotised, and those that choose not to can be very difficult to hypnotise.

What can be cured with hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a cure for anything. Hypnosis works with the subconcious mind and allows us as individuals to tap in the resources we already hold within us but have forgotten how to access. Imagine the brain as a filing cabinet that has got so mixed up over the years that you are unable to locate all of the correct files, with hypnosis we help you to reorganise those files and place them back where they need to be...where is right for you.

Will I divulge my deepest darkest secrets?

No, you will always be in full control of everything you say and do. There is no possibility of the hypnotist being able to make you do things you don't want to do. you have the full power even in the trance state. However, anything shared between yourself and Stacey is treated with the strictest confidentiality

Will I do things against my will?

Certainly NOT. A person in hypnosis is in TOTAL CONTROL of the situation at ALL times. 
Although the word "sleep" is used frequently in hypnosis, a person in hypnosis is not actually asleep. In fact he/she is neither wide awake nor asleep, but somewhere in between.

Will I get the hard sell?

Absolutely not! 
I will suggest that you take some time at home after your consultation to consider everything that has been discussed. You will not be contacted to follow up on your consultation or asked to book any treatment sessions. 

How many sessions will I need?

The duration of therapy will depend on your circumstances and the reason for which you are seeking hypnosis. If you are seeking hypnosis for a one-off service. I will deliver hypnotherapy in a single session of up to two hours.
However, other issues may require a longer-term approach with regular weekly sessions. I will let you know how many sessions I feel you might need during your consultation and will be flexible when it comes to decreasing or extending the number of sessions according to your progress and needs.

Can my child undergo hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy for young people and children is both safe and very effective. Children naturally use their subconscious mind and their imagination frequently they tend to respond very well to hypnotherapy.

What are the side effects of hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, there should be no physical side effects and most people leave feeling relaxed but invigorated. it is however important to remember that we are all individual and how you feel is different to how others feel. Hypnotherapy can be an emotional journey.

Can hypnosis help anxiety?

Yes, hypnosis can help anxiety. When dealing with deep seated issues it is important to find the trigger in order to solve the problem.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always available to answer your queries.